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Headteacher's Welcome

Perryfields Primary PRU aims to be a caring, welcoming, stable and friendly school community.

We will provide the best possible environment for pupils to learn and develop, as well as to cultivate a sense of wonder, empathy and understanding of the world around them.

Together, we will strive to bring the best out of our pupils, ensuring that they maximise their potential and are prepared as fully as possible for a return to mainstream education or special school.

As an excellent school we pride ourselves on our innovative practice and welcome all pupils who are struggling with mainstream education.

Due to specialist provision and thriving partnerships with other educational establishments we will ensure that the needs of the pupil are met.

Pete Hines (Headteacher) 


We value our Pupil Referral Unit as:

  • a place of learning
  • a friendly, caring and hard-working community
  • an attractive, safe and purposeful workplace

At Perryfields Primary PRU we believe that each person is special and every person is equally important. Therefore, we encourage pupils to:

  • respect each other as individuals, having a tolerance and empathy for other people’s cultures, religions and points of view
  • treat each other with courtesy and consideration
  • make it as easy as possible for everyone to learn and for the teacher to teach
  • ensure that the Pupil Referral Unit is a “bully-free” environment
  • always speak politely
  • respect one another’s property

We will ensure our pupils have a fulfilling time at Perryfields by:

  • meeting their specific social, emotional and behavioural needs
  • making sure they are happy and safe by nurturing their self esteem and confidence
  • teaching them the importance of respecting and valuing other people and their environment including good behaviour and politeness
  • seizing opportunities beyond the national curriculum to enhance our pupil’s development
  • showing them how full of wonder and variety the world is, through activities that stimulate their interest in the world around them – locally and globally

We will bring the best out of our pupils by:

  • helping them fulfil their academic potential by re-engaging them in their learning
  • ensuring they know what they can do and what they need to learn next
  • using different styles of teaching to ensure learning is always interesting, engaging and fun
  • listening to the pupils and responding flexibly so those with specific needs can all work at an appropriate pace and to their potential
  • encouraging the pupils to ask questions
  • helping the pupils to understand and adopt a healthy, physically active and environmentally friendly lifestyle

We will prepare our pupils as fully as possible for the next stage of their lives so that, when they leave us, they:

  • have reached their personal and academic potential
  • are inquisitive about their world and eager to keep on learning
  • recognise how to keep themselves safe, including when using mobile technology and social networking sites
  • are confident in their relations with other people and able to make positive contributions – they are caring and active citizens
  • have a strong sense of responsibility, self regulation and coping strategies