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At Perryfields we pride ourselves on having an ambitious, unique, creative and broad curriculum that meets the needs of our pupils. Our Management Committee support the school by engaging with the staff in curriculum development. Should parents or any stakeholders wish to find out more details about our unique curriculum then please contact our school and arrange to meet Mr. R. Harrison (Deputy Headteacher, Curriculum Leader).



Reading and Phonics

Rapid Starter consists of 16 books which are levelled below the core texts of Series 1 and 2 of the programme.

The Rapid programme is a collection of resources to support you in your work with children who find reading difficult. It provides:
° Finely -levelled fiction and non-fiction readers;
° Motivating speech recognition software for reading practice;
° Assessment texts (Benchmark Books) to monitor pupils’ reading progress;
° Activities and tasks to consolidate phonic work;
° Lesson plans for Guided Reading sessions;
° Guidance and support, within the reading books and the Teaching Guide.

Who are the target pupils?

Rapid starter texts are designed for the struggling readers aged 7-11 with a reading age of 5.0-5.6. Once children can successfully read the Starter texts they can progress to Series 1 and 2 of the rapid Reading Programme.

The Rapid texts

The Rapid texts are high interest stories and motivating non-fiction topics which will inspire struggling readers. Each text is a whole reading experience. The text is always introduced by means of a Before Reading page which sets the scene, introduces the characters or topic, and launches the pupil into independent reading. The text is followed by a Quiz page which invites the pupil to revisit the text, and helps to develop comprehension and phonic knowledge. Each Rapid text has been developed to ensure that pupils make a steady progress in their reading. Some of the features which ensure this progress are:
° A limited number of different words within each text;
° Thematically-linked fiction and non-fiction texts, within one Reading book;
° Fiction texts within each Set share the same main characters;
° Short texts, designed for a 15 minute reading intervention or a Guided Reading session;
° Chunked text boxes divide the text, to ensure that the pages do not look too daunting for pupils;
° Rapid texts use a specially designed font to help the struggling reader to make the important distinctions between confusable letters such as `b’ and `d’;
° The phonic activities on the Quiz pages direct pupils back to words in the text to analyse them for phonic features.

In the Teaching Guide

The Teacher Guide contains;
° Guided Reading notes for each of the Reading Books in Rapid Starter;
° Two Photocopy Master Worksheets per book;
° Reading Assessment Records.

In addition to the Rapid Reading Scheme Perryfields also have the following strategies in place:

Group Reading

The teachers use specifically chosen texts and the pupils read as a group. They are given advice on fluency and confidence when reading aloud and asked a variety of questions in order to ensure they are understanding the text. These include questions that test the children’s ability in: remembering, understanding, applying, analysis, creating and evaluating.

Guided Reading

The teachers demonstrate key skills such as decoding difficult words, fluency and expression and how to find information to improve understanding.

First News

The school subscribes to the children’s newspaper ‘First News.’ This gives pupils first hand experience of reading for interest and develops their knowledge and understanding of current affairs and British Values.

Reading for Pleasure

The children are regularly taken to Worcester’s main city library ‘The Hive’ where they are encouraged to make choices of reading material and read independently for pleasure. The teachers model this behaviour.


As well as using the Rapid Phonics resources the school has also invested in a variety of materials to further embed pupil knowledge and understanding. These include:

  • Read, Write Inc;
  • Stile Phonics and Spelling Scheme;
  • SMART Kids Phonics Scheme.


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